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THE EMPOWER CITY STUDIOS ANNUAL SHOWBUSINESS WORKSHOP is a three-week summer program designed for high-school students and new graduates, ages 18-23, aspiring to work in the show business industry.


There are plenty of creative workshops, but few teach the business of the business. Less than 1% of SAG/AFTRA union members are employed. With strikes, AI, and new streaming platforms, how does a performer or filmmaker succeed?

Experienced educators and show business professionals will combine their expertise in an ultra-realistic, immersive learning environment (inspired by the Kansas City Hallmark Learning Exchange) designed to help each participant identify their career interest(s) in production development (pre to post), casting, above and below-the-line professions, genres, research, unions, representation, entertainment law, and finance.

Participants will be challenged with homework and oral and written quizzes, testing their knowledge and interest in each subject. Each person will be assigned a different set of criteria, replicating real-life scenarios. The instructors will also emphasize core curriculum subjects like history, math, reading, writing, engineering, technology, and communication skills.  Prizes and other incentives will be offered to all. Advisors will be available for those interested in continuing education and internships.

Enrollment fees and/or sponsors will help Indiefemme Films provide housing and wholesome breakfast and lunch meals seven days/week.  M-F classes begin at 7:30a, and end at 3:30p, with evening rehearsals or study groups. Weekends include lectures, performances, and/or presentations from 11a to 5p. Surveys and exit interviews will be conducted at the end of the three weeks, ensuring the workshop’s success.

Upon completion, participants will soar to the top of their film school, or bypass the institution altogether, and begin working in the industry.

Subjects include:

Entertainment Law

Each participant will be assigned a contractual agreement, each with a different set of challenges to tackle. The purpose is to inspire interest in the field of entertainment law.

Image by Edar from Pixabay business-962364_1280.jpg

Union Office

Participants will visit their union office and get a sense of what it means to join each union; SAG/AFTRA, AEA, DGA, PGA, WGA, IATSE, Teamsters, etc.


Production Office

Participants will get an understanding of a film budget's line items and the responsibilities of each position. The purpose is to promote knowledge and interest in every facet of the industry.


Film Finance

Participants will be provided a set of circumstances and tools to "negotiate" terms for their project. The purpose is to provide an appreciation for budgeting, fundraising, and ROI. 

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