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A total of 150 young women, (5 women each shooting week) ages 18-23, soon-to-be professional filmmakers will have the rare opportunity to shadow an all-women crew. They will receive hands-on training and advice from DP’s, camera operators, sound techs, grips, gaffers, designers, editors, writers, and producers during this 30-part docu-series tracing the life and legacy of Zora Neale Hurston.

Participants will be offered on-screen credit, meals, and an honorarium in exchange for assisting a 5-day production schedule.  Each week, interviews, staged readings, and lectures will be filmed and edited to stream on all applicable platforms. The women will be interviewed on film and included in the docu-series.


Ultimately, a new generation of talented filmmakers will look forward to telling more stories of other ancestors. They will have a new appreciation for the past and the understanding that “we are our ancestors."

The series can be renewed indefinitely, following the footsteps of other extraordinary people in history.


The following are a few examples of Zora's road trip. Each subject will include an interactive e-learning experience and other offers.  Also included is a sample workbook: 

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